Monday, December 15, 2014

Mixed up Monday {12.15.14}

I know, I know. It has been a while. You know how the holiday season goes. BUSY BUSY! But I am back and ready to roll. New products, new name it I am on top of it.

For today's mixed-up Monday I have for you some crafty stuff I am working on.

First up is my pallet. Here I am sanding and brush painting this baby. That was taking waaaay too long so the dear husband allowed me to use the paint sprayer. YEAH! I found a picture of what I hope the end product will look like. Check it out below as well. As soon as this is all dry I will post it up on my wall later this week. Y'all know I have to pretty it up first! :)

What I hope it will look like without the shoe rack

Next I have for you...arm knitting. While I am still in the process of producing these babies, you have to check out the YouTube video below. This lady does an amazing job at explaining how to make these cozy neck huggers. I am thinking quick and easy Christmas gifts for family and friends. BONUS!

I hope you enjoyed this week's version of Mixed Up Monday! More to come...don't forget to link up and show some love for my friends below! :)

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