Tuesday, September 1, 2015

{Back to School Bash! 9/1/15}

Welcome back, y'all! Can you believe it is September already? For most of you, school has been in session for at least one week. For me, I am going on week 7...that's right! In order to help you ease back into the swing of things, my friends at the Elementary Entourage and I have put together a Back to School Bash for you. What does that mean? That means you can visit us today for some amazing lessons, tips, ideas, and freebies...yes I said freebies!!

The number one tip I have for you is to get organized as quickly as possible. I picked up a planning set from A Modern Teacher this year instead of purchasing another EC Planner. While I loved my EC planner dearly, I needed more flexibility with my planning. With the new planner, I can pick and choose the sections I need for my binder in addition to creating multiple binders.

While this planner comes with editable templates for the inside, I have always designed my own. I love me a two page spread with plenty of room for notes throughout the week. :)

Build relationships with your students quickly. All too often we are the only ones in our students' life that shows them the compassion they so deserve. While setting your classroom expectations high at the beginning of the year, do not forget to leave room for lovin'. Yes, I am a very nurturing teacher. Yes, I tell my students I love them. Yes, I hug and tickle them when they need it. The feeling is mutual and I would not have it any other way.

Listen. Listen to your students. Listen to your team. Being a good listener means you take the time to hear what others have to say and consider their thoughts and feelings. The benefits of listening before acting are endless. Listen to your students ... they will reveal their inner most needs and wants.

Tip #4 includes a freebie! Please please please foster good reading habits from Day one. If you haven't done so already, start planning to meet with your little ones to read as much as possible. Create bags of books, and make your classroom library accessible to your students. The only way to create a literate generation is to allow them to read whenever possible. These bookmarks can be used in guided reading or during independent reading. The space is large enough to display two-three lines of text to encourage students to look ahead during their reading. Click on the image below to snag your freebie. :)

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