Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday! {11.14.14}

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 I have had a couple crazy Fridays and weeks since my last post and I decided to just get back to the bloggin grind on Friday instead of waiting for a new week. I mean who doesn't love Friday, right?! Let's see, over the past two weeks I have had a sick child, the USMC ball, and tons of work. I should be able to get enough on this post. :) Here goes...

 What did you do for Halloween? Our kiddos are a little older now and are losing interest in dressing up, so we stayed home and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids. I was surprised at just how well my children did with this. They didn't seem to care at all. My second graders, on the other hand, we giddy all day about going Trick or Treating. We spent our day celebrating doing pumpkin activities during our Pumpkin Palooza. Because we are a school for technology and innovation, we recorded all our data into a spreadsheet. I had sooooo much help this was actually a breeze!

Next up we had Veteran's Day. We had so much with this activity. We made an anchor chart discussing our country's Veterans, watched a video on Discovery Education, and completed a craftivity. I was so proud of them. They came up with each adjective found in our adjective stars!! The students are still excited about learning about our Veterans so my lessons have continued the remainder of this week.

On top of everything I have had going on at work, I have also had one sick baby girl. She came down with strep last week and has been trying to recover ever since. Poor girl. Look at that face! HEHE

So I missed work on Monday and Tuesday last week because of my sick little one, and I already had to schedule a personal day on Friday for the 239th USMC Ball in Myrtle Beach. Work was crazy because my little sweeties didn't have their regular routine, but we had a blast in Myrtle Beach. We made a weekend of it after the Friday night festivities. It turned out to be a great weekend with family and friends!

{All I can say is....welcome to North Carolina. In case you didn't know which way was behind you...}

If you have been keeping up with The Sunny Side of Second Grade, you know that I recently finished a large product - SMARTIES Math Rotations. You can find the product in my TPT Store. Feel free to snag some Freebies while you are there.

Because my math rotations are going so well, I wanted to begin READING rotations in the same fashion. More to come because I do not want to give away my secrets, but you can see the training in action below. HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!!!

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  1. You are so brave to host a Pumpkin Palooza! I was thinking about doing it with just my small intervention group, but totally chickened out. Fun pics - I enjoyed reading your Five for Friday :) Jen