Sunday, August 3, 2014

ISTE Recap!!!

Let me just say...ISTE was overwhelming, but I took away so much! First of all, if you are ever thinking of going to ISTE...take an empty rolling suitcase each day! Begin scrolling to see the MULTITUDE of T-shirts I picked up at ISTE....

Yes, I know...I have a giant arm in some of them, but HEY...FREE T-SHIRTS!!! I was a happy camper. I must say that as difficult as it was to leave my three sweet babies with my husband's mom, it was great to spend the time with just my husband. I mean...who doesn't just love this face??
We spent every morning at my third home...Starbucks...and we spend the evenings in our second...THE GYM! Can we say Grrrrr!!!! [intense photo warning :)]

Although ISTE was overwhelming on the information side of things, it was relaxing at the same time. I met so many lovely teachers and learned so many new tips and tricks. I have still YET to go through all of my ISTE items. This year-round business is going to be the death of me! Stay tuned for the classroom reveal....

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